04 4 / 2014

S2E6: Amazon Fire TV, Boom Beach

Arash and Kevin talk about the new Amazon Fire TV thingie, and also dive into Supercell’s new Boom Beach.


28 3 / 2014

S2E5: GDC Wrapup and Smash Hit

Arash and Kevin wrap up GDC, UDK, Oculus, and talk a bit about Smash Hit.


Einstöck Icelandic White Ale


09 2 / 2014

S2E4: Goodbye Flappy Bird, Hello Threes

Arash and Kevin discuss (mostly guess) at the self-removal of Flappy Bird from the App Store, and also do a quick review of the highly-popular Threes.

24 1 / 2014

S2E3: Limbic launches TowerMadness 2

This week Arash talks about the surprise launch of TowerMadness 2, trademarks, Android taxes, and Kevin and Arash review Castle Doombad.

Here’s the Link to the Quora I mentioned on taxes.


Beer: Mission Street Hefeweizen

05 1 / 2014

S2E2: Tiny Thief, Christmas, and Premium Games

Arash and Kevin review the Christmas season, and talk about Tiny Thief in the context of Premium Games and IAP monetization.


Beer: Ninkasi Brewing Company’s Total Domination IPA

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16 12 / 2013

Season Two, Episode One

Walled Garden Weekly is back!  Arash and Kevin discuss what’s been going on since WWDC, consoles, Android, recently-played games, and a bit of a conversation about freemium.

Beer: Stone IPA

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10 12 / 2013

Did you miss us?

Public Commitment:  Walled Garden Weekly RETURNS.  Recording this Sunday!

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03 7 / 2013

Walled Garden Weekly turned 1 today!

Walled Garden Weekly turned 1 today!

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14 6 / 2013

Week 25: WWDC & James Vaughan of Plague, Inc.

Arash and Kevin finally continue WGW from WWDC with a special guest, James Vaughan, creator of the hit game, Plague, Inc.

Beer: Anchor Liberty Ale

09 5 / 2013


Looks like we’re on another busy-with-our-day-jobs hiatus.  Who’s coming to WWDC?